Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Alpha DX Group Limited is one of the region’s leading learning solutions companies, specializing in providing Next Generation Education Platforms & Professional Training Solutions with engaging, impactful, ubiquitous learning and training experiences in the entirely new XR enabled environment.

With a strategic focus on integrating Expanded Reality (XR) technology for the learning industry, Alpha DX aims to develop new value propositions to serve the future needs of learners from our diversified customer base, ranging from government agencies, education institutions to private enterprises.

Message from CEO

In the wake of the global pandemic, COVID-19, society as we know has been challenged from its very foundation, causing disruptions in every corner of our society including the Learning & Education market.

Alpha DX Group was born of a vision to transform “The way we learn” thus triggering the transformation in all areas of society to the next generation. This new generation of society and its systems are driven by technology born of the Third Wave as predicted by Alvin Toffler over 40 years ago in his book, “The Third Wave”.

We offer an entirely new learning and education platform in the Expanded Reality environment made possible by combining the traditional physical platform and digitally enabled platform with new systems of learning and education. This new platform will overtake not only the centuries old institutionalised education system, it will also democratise both learning and education for all people and accelerate the transformation of the society as the quality of learning and the education dictates the quality of society itself, not to mention any businesses operating therein.

The current US$7 trillion global education industry is already massive in its size. However, COVID-19 has forced entirely new markets to emerge out of this massive red ocean market in a global scale that exceeds the size of the current education market. This newly emerging digital learning and education market is by far the single largest new market we have ever seen in the modern history. Alpha DX Group has developed a new Ubiquitous Universal Learning Platform that will drive the next evolution of education industry as well as the learning market.


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